Useful Alarm Clock Management Tips

One of the keys to consistent success is to wake up early every day. If you can be active when the rest of the world is quiet, then there is the potential to be extremely productive. The only problem with getting up early is making sure that you get up with your alarm clock.

You can’t always control when you go to sleep. You can control when you decide to wake up when you have a supportive alarm clock. Here are some useful alarm clock management tips to consider implementing so you can have the chance to conquer your day.

#1. Use a sunrise alarm. One of the primary reasons why it is difficult to wake up earlier is because our bodies are tuned to the path of the sun. We wake up at sunrise and feel an urge to go to bed when the sun goes down. You can replicate a sunrise for your circadian rhythm by using a sunrise alarm in your bedroom. This can help you feel refreshed and ready to go, even if no one else is awake.

#2. Eliminate blue light. Blue is the color of the lightwhich comes from energy-efficient lightbulbs and electronic devices. It can change your circadian rhythm, stimulating the mind instead of allowing it to fall asleep. Try to dim your lights and turn off your screens for at least 60 minutes before you climb into bed. If you work at night, consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses that make the brain think it is night so you can get back to sleep.

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#3. Stop taking a nap during the day. If you are taking a lengthy nap most days, then stop. It is likely interfering with your sleep, making it difficult to get up in the morning with your alarm clock. If you do feel tired, consider getting a 20-minute nap instead. You’ll feel better and still be able to get to sleep that night.

#4. Become active if you can’t sleep. You’ve been in bed for more than 20 minutes. Instead of staring at your alarm clock and watching the hours tick by, get out of bed. Go do something that relaxes you. This will help you re-establish your bedtime routine and will get you back to sleep faster than staring at your ceiling or counting sheep.

#5. Don’t shut down your alarm clock on the weekend. If you are using a sunrise alarm or a wake-up light to get up early during the work week, then keep up the practice during the weekend. It may be tempting to sleepin when responsibilities are absent, but it will change your circadian rhythm and balance, making it difficult to wake up on Monday morning.

It can also be helpful to keep a cooler bedroom, use a white-noise machine to block out sound, and get some exercise every day.

Managing your alarm clock doesn’t need to be a headache. By implementing simple tips like these, you can get the sleep you need and wake up feeling like you’re in control of your day.

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