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If you’ve been trying to find a good therapeutic light for your SAD, then you know how difficult the process can be. Lux ratings can be variable, inconsistent, and sometimes even seem to be misleading. With the SunBOX Sunlight Junior Therapeutic Light, you’re going to receive a solid 10,000-lux of support for your symptoms. There is a lifetime guarantee on the box and the bulbs are guaranteed for 2 years.

This UL-approved therapy light offers a lower level of blue spectrum light than other makes and models, which naturally reduces eye fatigue. It also has high-speed electronic ballasts to support a flicker-free experience instead of relying on LED technology. When all the features come together, you wind up with one excellent therapeutic light.

Our Thoughts About the SunBOX Junior

We like that this is a smaller therapy light, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. The 10,000-lux rating is valid up to 14 inches away, so you have more space to operate compared to similar therapy lights. We found that the lamp tends to work best when it is set at a 45-degree angle.

It comes with a 55-watt 5,000 Kelvin full-spectrum bulb, but it also provides a UV-filter for eye and skin safety. The dimensions are a little small at 14.5 inches in height and 7 inches in width, but the light output makes up for its smaller size. You’ll notice that it is helpful from up to 24 inches away thanks to the strength of the included bulb.

The electronic ballasts do provide a consistent flicker-free performance, but this does offer one more part that can fail on the therapy lamp. The ballasts can be replaced, however, and they are covered under the warranty structure by the manufacturer. Because very little heat is produced by this unit, you don’t need to worry about where the lamp is placed or having a thermal internal issue that breaks the unit.

The triangular shape of the SunBOX Junior should also be considered as one of its top features. It allows you to place the lamp upright or on its side and receive a stable experience. This eliminates the need for an extra stand to accommodate your preferred light angle. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, coming in at just 4 pounds, so you can take it virtually everywhere to deal with your seasonal affective disorder.

Our Grade for the SunBOX Sunlight Junior Therapeutic Light: A

We like the simplicity of this unit above anything else. The added lux output is also nice to have so you don’t have to feel like your face is pressed against a camera flash to get the therapeutic light that is needed. The only real knock we have on this unit is that from an aesthetic standpoint, the optics of this unit are somewhat bad. It isn’t a fashionable addition to your home. It’s beige, metal, but gets the job done.

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