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If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate light therapy into your daily routine, you can often feel disappointed with the products you find. They’re either too small, too bright, or not strong enough to get the job done. The LSE Lighting Natural Full Spectrum Floor Lamp tells a different story.

This floor lamp can produce 1,800 lumens while standing at a total height of 5 feet. It uses 27 watts of energy, but produces 150 watts of output on a standard household temperature. There is a standard on/off switch, allowing you to access a natural light spectrum that you don’t need to hold in place.

Key Features of the LSE Lighting Floor Lap

We felt that this floor lamp was very stable. It was tried on numerous types of flooring, from hardwood to laminate to carpeting, and the results were about equal. It is very balanced and will provide a good overhead light source that offers a low-lux option for those who may experience mild symptoms on gray days.

There was some slippage on non-carpeted floors, but one would need to bump into the lamp or have it positioned where it was contacting furniture in order to achieve this result.

Assembly is required with this product. Running the cord through the lamp isn’t too problematic, but the cord did try to stick on us a couple of times as we were finishing the process. If you’re rough with this lamp, the cord could damage the overhead display and that would void the warranty.

We liked the bendable neck so you can send the light in different directions if need be. It’s a bright light that works well for reading, crafts, and other needs in addition to a potential therapeutic benefit.

What Could Be Improved with the LSE Lighting Floor Lamp

The one issue we have with this specific lamp is that the bulbs are proprietary to the unit. There are some generic examples out there, but their brightness and quality are not as good. The lifespan of the bulbs can sometimes be a little questionable and replacing them is not always budget-friendly, but it doesn’t affect the final outcome that can be achieved with this product.

Take your time with the assembly. If you rush through it, the wires and lamp casing can rub together wrong, giving you the potential of stripping the safety coating on your power cord. We’d recommend giving yourself 30-60 minutes to make sure it gets done right.

Our Grade for the LSE Lighting Natural Full Spectrum Floor Lamp: A-

This isn’t a 10,000-lux product, but it is a lamp that provides more convenience than many bright light therapy boxes. You can position this lamp over your chair, grab a favorite book, and benefit from the sunlight simulation. It would receive a higher grade if the assembly was a little easier and bulb life was less questionable, but overall, this is an excellent option for a mild case of SAD or for those who want more light in their life.

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