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Here’s the problem with your average therapy lamp: flexibility. You can often change the lenses or the lux levels, but you can’t change the angle of how you receive the light without moving the entire lamp. That’s not the case with the Carex Daylight Classic Therapy Lamp. It stands tall and can be adjusted with a hinge to give you a specific angle of light therapy so you reduce the risk of eye fatigue and irritation.

This Carex lamp is able to produce 10,000-lux of white light at a greater distance than many home therapy lamps, at 12 inches. We found at 24 inches, the drop off was greater than normal, offering about 2,500-lux instead.

Observations About the Carex Daylight Classic Therapy Lamp

It is important to note that this is a therapy light, not a sunlight simulator. Over 99% of the UV is blocked from the light output, which means you’re not going to receive any help with a potential Vitamin D deficiency.

We also found that holding the lamp about 1 foot away from your face isn’t always the most comfortable experience. The stand sits nicely on a table and you can then sit right next to the lamp. The light is quite bright with that closeness, so you may wish to schedule a dedicated light therapy time in the morning to obtain the full benefits of this product instead of trying to multi-task.

The lightbox is about 13 inches in height and about 16 inches wide. The stand adds 17 inches of height at maximum to the product and offers about 7 inches of height variability.

It also has a mounting bracket on the back so you can hang this therapy lamp from a wall if you prefer. Be sure to hang it from a stud instead of your drywall to avoid damaging the product or your wall.

Thoughts About the Carex Daylight Classic Therapy Lamp

Assembly is very simple with this product. You can have it up and running in about 15 minutes if you use the stand. Mounting it takes a little more work.

The lamp itself is heavier than you might think it would be. It weighs over 6 pounds, so it’s a solid structure. You don’t have to worry about accidentally tipping it over with just a casual brush of the hand.

Bulb life seems good with this specific unit. During our testing period, there was no flickering, bulb outages, or other light productions concerns of note. It did exactly what it said it was capable of doing.

Our Grade for the Carex Daylight Classic Therapy Lamp: A+

If you’re looking for a high-quality therapy lamp that won’t make you put the product right next to your face in order to provide you with 10,000-lux, then this is the model to purchase. The light is consistent, it offers the features you want, and gives you the consistent light output that your seasonal affective disorder might need. It is a solid purchase and will pay for itself over time.

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