About Be Right Light

It first happened when I was 18. It was my first year away from home and I was stuck in my first-floor dorm room. I just felt off. My grades went from a 3.7 to a 2.3. All winter long, I seemed to struggle to get anything done. Then, when Spring rolled around, my grades went back up. I began to feel better. My GPA recovered.

When it happened the next year, I knew that something had to be done. That’s when I was introduced to artificial sunrise and bright light therapy products.

These products have literally saved my life. I have no doubt about that statement. Because of SAD therapy lamps and alarm clocks that allow for better, more natural sleep cycles, I feel like myself all year long now.

I’m here to tell you this: you don’t need to “settle” for feeling bad anymore. Go get the help you need. See a doctor or a medical professional if you haven’t and talk to them about how you feel. Then together, we can work on finding you the right therapeutic light for your needs.