Aromatherapy Alarm Clocks and Their Benefits

Many alarm clocks focus on your sense of hearing. The best sunrise alarms also provide your eyes with a simulated natural “alarm” that can help you to wake up. But what about your sense of smell?

Some people are stimulated by scent instead of by sight when it comes time to wake up. That’s why finding an alarm clock that offers an aromatherapy feature can be the key to unlocking a healthy wake-up cycle.

Does an Aromatherapy Alarm Clock Really Work?

There are two types of aromatherapy clocks that you’ll find on the market today. The first incorporates a diffuser to help you wake up, using a sunrise simulation and your preferred essential oils without any audio. Some models will also simulate a sunset to help you fall asleep better with your favorite essential oils diffused into the air.

The second incorporates a standard audio alarm with an aromatherapy option.

This allows you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy as you begin your day. This means you give yourself the potential to reduce anxiety, boost your energy levels, stop headaches from starting, and strengthen your immune system.

You also gain the benefit of having an alarm clock that may be able to serve as a bedside lamp and a clock.

What Is the Best Essential Oil to Use?

The research that exists on aromatherapy is somewhat limited. As the Mayo Clinic reports, however, there are some studies that show aromatherapy can provide relief for depression, improve a person’s quality of life, and even reduce pain.

The best essential oils to use in an aromatherapy alarm clock need to be somewhat stimulating. They should enhance mental clarity and make you feel invigorated. Here are three options to consider.

  • Not only does peppermint help the mind to wake up in the morning, but it can also help reduce the feelings of an upset stomach. The vapors can also help to clear out clogged sinuses and improve invigoration.
  • This essential oil helps to reduce the feelings of stress you may feel in the morning. Getting through a morning routine can be tough, especially if you’re facing a long commute. That stress can stick with you all day. This essential oil can help to balance out your feelings.
  • If you struggle to wake up with an aromatherapy alarm clock, then use this essential oil. The scent alone will make your nose cringe and trigger a wake-up cycle. It is a potent essential oil that has many benefits, including being an anti-parasitic.

It can take some time for you to get used to a new system of waking up. Allow 2-3 weeks to establish this new habit. You may wish to set an alternative alarm just in case you have a rigid time deadline that must be met.

What Are the Prices of the Best Aromatherapy Alarm Clocks?

Aromatherapy alarm clocks are competitively priced, with several different options priced around the $50 mark. If you want a sunrise/sunset alarm with a diffuser and an audio alarm, you will find models priced in the $50-$100 range.

Reviews of the Best Aromatherapy Alarm Clocks

Art Naturals

This amazing little alarm clock offers a mist diffuser and LED lighting to provide you with the aromatherapy benefits you need. It offers Bluetooth accessibility so you can play your favorite songs from your phone or MP3 player. There is also an LED nightlight that is nice so you don’t feel overstimulated if you wake up in the middle of the night. You can also choose to run the diffuser all night long, with a total capacity of over 9 hours. If you like a gentle wake-up call, consider getting this alarm clock.

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Spa Room

This digital alarm clock diffuser gives you the standard audio alarm, but with the added benefit of aromatherapy. The diffuser holds 150ml, which is enough to give you about 7 hours of diffusion under regular circumstances. It also features LED rotating lights and you can set a time for your misting function. As for the actual alarm, it is a pretty standard feature, offering users a beeping sound for waking up. It gets the basics right and is definitely a good value purchase.

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Heka Living

This little aromatherapy alarm clock offers a surprisingly strong diffusion. It offers 7 auto-changing lights, but its real benefit is in its capacity. It holds 400ml, allowing you to have up to 10 hours of aromatherapy on a single fill. It’s also quieter than many of the alarm clocks in the category as it is working. The LED clock offers 6 pre-installed functions that make it easy to control how you wake up. Just remember to set a timer if you run the diffuser at night because if it runs out, the clock has a low-moisture alarm that might wake you up.

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Sometimes you want to have a full diffuser. At other times, it would be nicer to have a straight-up humidifier that won’t leave moisture all over your stuff. That’s what this great aromatherapy alarm clock can provide. It offers a 3-liter capacity with its water tank, giving you plenty of humidification support. Use the diffuser for your aromatherapy needs and take control of your schedule with the touchpad or use the remote control. It’s alarm features are limited, but it will help you get a good night of rest.

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Sound Oasis

This natural wake and sleep system covers all your bases. It gives you 6 different nature sounds, offers aromatherapy options, and gives you an artificial dawn to help you wake up. It can also provide limited light therapy benefits as well. It’s easy to get the specific experience you want thanks to the push-button controls that are on the front of the unit. The white noise feature is also helpful for those times when you might want to meditate during the day. It’s a solid product that really is under-rated for what it can provide.

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The best aromatherapy alarm clocks will stimulate all your senses. Stop struggling to wake up in the morning and start enjoying your early routines more with one of these fantastic products today.

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