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There are very few products in any industry or category that hit all of a consumer’s needs with accuracy and quality. This creates an environment of compromise where we settle for some features and deal with not having others. With the Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp, you no longer need to settle when it comes to your light therapy needs.

Here is why the Aura therapy lamp is different. You receive a patented lux adjustment dial on the lamp so that you are in complete control over your therapy session. At its minimum setting, you’ll receive 3,500-lux of support. At the maximum setting, you can achieve an output of 10,000-lux.

This product sits on its own, but does adjust between 70-85 degrees so you can receive a somewhat customized angle for your light therapy as well. You can also mount this lamp if you prefer a more permanent solution.

Our Observations of the Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp

We struggled at first to get this lamp to stand upright at any angle. Then we figured out that you need to pull the stand down completely. It will make a clicking sound when you’ve got it in the right position. It takes more pressure than you might expect to get this part of the assembly finished.

The dimensions are a little small for a therapy lamp at this price point compared to some other models. It’s about 8.5×10.5 inches, but it also weighs about 1 pound. This makes it a highly portable option that can give you strong lux support in many different environments.

You do have a timer with this therapy lamp, which many other models do not provide. It’s a basic timer that allows you to set it in 10-minute increments for up to an hour of use at a time. Push-button controls let you change the amount of time you have the lamp operating for your therapy.

What Could Be Improved with the Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp?

During our trial period, we experienced the same situation that some others have had with the Aura lamp in regards to the light bulbs being used. It burned out on us under regular use conditions, making the lamp unusable. The bulbs are rated at 8,000 hours and can be replaced, but shouldn’t burn out so quickly.

We think this is a shipping-related issue. The box used for delivery was dented and had puncture points on one side. The added jostling may have damaged the bulb, reducing its life. Customer support is very responsive and a replacement was sent immediately.

Our Grade for the Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp: A

What knocks the grade down for this lamp is its efficiency ratings. There is a 20% discrepancy built into the product, so you might receive 12,000-lux or you might receive 8,000-lux. Otherwise, we found that this therapy lamp is a consistent product that delivers on its promises. Once you get through the assembly process, you’ll be able to enjoy the output this little lamp is able to provide.

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