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Light therapy is a useful addition to virtually any routine, but it isn’t always a convenient option. Many light boxes and lamps are big, bulky, or just downright expensive. With the Verilux HappyLight Therapy Energy Lamp, you’ll receive up to 7,500-lux of output that you can adjust to a desired level. You have access to a high or low setting, as well as two interchangeable lenses, so you receive the therapy levels that you want.

This light therapy box also blocks UV-light, allowing you to use it for longer therapy or light exposure sessions when needed.

What to Expect with the Verilux HappyLight

  • You can achieve the 7,500-lux level with the lamp up to 10 inches away from you while using the high-energy lens. The low setting provides 6,250-lux.
  • If you use the comfort lens, then your maximum lux output is 5,000, with the low setting providing 2,500-lux.
  • It offers a fixed stand that keeps the light stable and in a proper position for use on a table, nightstand, or other fixture.

Although the filters are interchangeable, the process to undertake a change isn’t the easiest to complete. You need to unscrew the top of the lamp in order to put a new filter in the lamp. There’s a tool that comes with the HappyLight to help facilitate this, but it would be easier to be able to slide the filters in and out instead.

The maximum ratings for the lux on this therapy energy lamp are based on the 10-inch exposure distance. If you set the lamp on a computer desk or next to you while you read, it’s more likely to be 24 inches away from you. Expect a 50% reduction in the lux received at this distance. If you’re using this lamp for SAD therapy, you’ll also need to make a corresponding adjustment to your exposure times.

Our Thoughts About the Verilux HappyLight

You’ll want to avoid direct eye contact with this therapy lamp. The light is quite bright, especially on the high setting with the max filter in place. There is a definite “flash” to the retina that occurs and it takes a minute or two to go away.

This lamp uses an outlet and the power cord is about 6 feet in length. That’s suitable for most homes, but it could be problematic for some setups. You don’t want to use an extension cord with this product either as that will affect the actual light output that can be achieved.

The light itself was consistent and we did not experience any flickers with the product. Moving it around constantly, however, can produce what looks like a flickering effect when you set the lamp down.

Our Grade for the Verilux HappyLight Therapy Energy Lamp: A-

We like this lamp for its portability, flexibility, and total lux output. Having the glare control available on this unit with the interchangeable Optix lenses is a nice feature. It may not produce a strong lux output at a distance, but it is an affordable therapy option for those who may need it. We’d highly recommend this lamp for anyone who wishes to add a little extra light to their daily routine.

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