Review: Vimicy Wake Up Light and Colored Sunrise Alarm

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If you’ve been thinking about a sunrise alarm in the past, but you’ve been turned off by the price, then you’re not alone. For many families, paying $100 or more for an alarm clock is like taking a week’s worth of groceries off the table. With the Vimicy Wake Up Light and Colored Sunrise Alarm, you’re going to find a value-priced alarm that gets the basics right and offers a few additional features that make it a good purchasing option.

Here are the features you can expect to see with this wake-up light.

  • There is a smart-snooze mode that will allow you to get an extra 5 minutes of sleep. The audio sounds for 120 seconds on each cycle before shutting off.
  • The touch controls are easy to access and in a standard configuration for this type of product. You can control the sunset simulation, nature sounds, FM radio, and the display brightness with one-touch ease.
  • You can use this product as a bedside lamp in addition to a sunrise alarm clock.
  • It offers a sunset simulation as well, though it isn’t promoted as part of the product.
  • You have 15 levels of sound volume that applies to the nature sounds and the FM radio.
  • The wake-up alarm has multiple colors that can be used, including purple and indigo light. You can also use a warm white color with 10 different brightness settings.

Our Findings from Using the Vimicy Wake Up Light

This is one of the few alarm clocks that allows you to turn the time light completely off. It’s a nice feature for those who want to use this product as a lamp and sunrise/sunset simulator only or struggle to sleep with any light on in a room.

Although you can charge this unit with a USB, it works better when plugged into a standard outlet. The light levels are more consistent when power is being supplied to the unit instead of having it be powered with the internal battery.

The nature sounds for this model only sound when it is used for an alarm. It doesn’t give you the option to run the sounds all night long. You also need to cycle through the sounds to find the one that you prefer. You can listen to the FM radio at your convenience and the built-in antenna does a reasonably good job of acquiring a signal.

Make sure you have 2 AAA batteries at home so you can take full advantage of the features this sunrise alarm is able to provide.

Our Grade for the Vimicy Wake Up Light and Colored Sunrise Alarm: A

This alarm clock is priced a little high compared to other entry-level models, but it provides a consistently better overall experience. You don’t have the malfunctions or product quirks that other cheap wake-up lights tend to develop over time. It is easy to use, gets the job done, and offers a nice, bright light for waking up.

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