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Have you been wondering if a sunrise alarm could be right for you? Do you want to try a wake-up light, but don’t want to pay a ton of cash for one just in case you don’t like it? Then the TSTAR Wake Up Light and Sunrise Simulator is going to be the product for you.

Here’s why. It is a product that gets all the basics right for about the price of having dinner out with the family. You will find these features are available and easy to use on this specific model.

  • Brightness levels on the sunrise simulator adjust from 1-100% instead of using incremental stages.
  • Instead of receiving a 2-minute alarm, the setup of this clock has the audio alarm play at 50% volume for 60 seconds around 10 minutes before your alarm set time. Then it will pay at 100% volume for 10 minutes. You can also turn off the sound by pressing a specific button.
  • Although the brightness levels of the light can be adjusted, it is not possible to dim the clock fact. If you’re sensitive to any light, you might want to look at a different option that will allow you to dim the clock.

Unlike other alarm clocks, you don’t have a sleep function with the TSTAR sunrise simulator. It will sound the alarm for an extended period of time, however, so users can decide which feature they prefer and then choose the product that provides it.

Our Impressions of the TSTAR Wake Up Light and Sunrise Simulator

Setting up this alarm clock is a bit of a challenge. In the box, you receive a USB cable and a set of instructions in addition to the actual clock. You’ll need 2x AAA batteries for the clock to have the easiest experience. You can connect to the clock to your outlet or use a USB port, but you may need to purchase a plug adapter to do so.

You receive 5 different color options with this alarm instead of 7. The light levels are consistent across the color spectrum, however, and you can scroll your finger across the light to change the color. There are 4 different brightness settings that can be used when you are using this product as a lamp.

The speed of waking is quite nice with this sunrise simulator. We were typically awake before the full-volume audio cues would sound. It’s not bulky or heavy, has a sleek design, and offers an FM radio that provides a strong and consistent signal – though the antenna can get in the way on small tables or nightstands.

Our Grade for the TSTAR Wake Up Light and Sunrise Simulator: A

This is a high-quality entry-level product to consider using if you’re looking for a wake-up light. Although some of the features are a little limited, you won’t notice anything is missing when you are using this sunrise simulator. From a pure value perspective, it is one of the best options in this category right now.

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