Review: Philips Morning Wake-Up Light with Sunrise and Dusk Simulation

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If you’re tired of wake-up lights that don’t actually wake you up on time, then it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t settle for going back to your regular alarm. You’ll want the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light with sunrise and dusk simulation. It features a soft, UV-free light which gives off a pleasant glow so you’re not stuck with the harsh tones some other wake-up lights provide.

This Philips model allows you to control your alarm times with easy-to-use touch keys. There is also a snooze feature which you can implement if needed. Here are some of the additional features that you’ll receive with this wake-up light on your bedside table.

  • The light gradually increases for 30 minutes before your programmed alarm, letting your body be able to prepare for the morning.
  • It offers a dimming display which features a total of 20 different brightness settings.
  • You have the choice of up to 3 different nature sounds to use.
  • The LED lightbulb that is used in this alarm clock offers up to 300-lux of illumination in warm, yellow tones when it is at its brightest.
  • An FM radio is included if you prefer a more traditional experience.

Our Observations of the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light

This sunrise alarm clock is very easy-to-use straight out of the box. After plugging the unit into a standard outlet, all you need to do is program your alarm, get your time set, and you’re ready to go for the next morning.

You can also turn this light on to use it as a reading lamp. It doesn’t offer a colored sunrise simulation, but the yellow light that this product gives off is still realistic. There was a definite difference the next morning when waking up to this alarm clock compared to a standard bell-type sound. It was much easier to roll out of bed.

The snooze feature applies to the sounds that come on 30 minutes after the sunrise simulation starts. It turns the nature sounds or the radio off for 9 minutes, but does not alter the light simulation. This means using the snooze requires you to cover your eyes if you want extra sleep and that’s not always feasible.

There are anti-slip feet on the bottom of the alarm, which allows you to place it securely on virtually any flat surface. For this trial, it was set next to a CPAP machine with a charging smartphone and did just fine.

It can be a little difficult to control if you’re only half-awake in the morning with the touch buttons. Take a little time with the instructions and you’ll be able to get the hang of setting the product up to the specifications that you want.

Our Grade for the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light: A

The Philips Morning Wake-Up Light with sunrise and dusk simulation makes it easier to go to bed and get up in the morning. Some users might find it a little frustrating to initially setup the alarm and lamp, but once you get past that obstacle, this is a consistent product which delivers outstanding results.

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