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Sometimes the best thing to have with a product is variety. By offering more features, individual users can create a customized experience. With the Bolansi Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, you’ll be able to access premium features at a price that beats most of the competition in this category.

It all starts with the FM radio. Most sunrise alarms will automatically scan your local dial and give you a handful of stations from which to pick. This Bolansi alarm clock will save up to 40 radio channels during its automatic scan, allowing you to easily pick out your favorite stations and relax in a way that suits you best.

You’ll also find these features are available with the Bolansi sunrise alarm clock.

  • It offers a longer sunrise or sunset simulation than many other makes and models, giving you the option to set it for 15, 30, or 60 minutes in length.
  • 6 different natural sounds are available as an alarm option with this clock, including a rainforest and a farm-mode.
  • You’re given 7 different colors of light and adjustable brightness settings so that you can create the right ambience for your room at any time of day.
  • It can be powered by AA batteries or a USB cable in addition to a standard household outlet.
  • You receive a full range of brightness for the sunrise and sunset modes, starting at 1% and going to 100% in the amount of time that you prefer.

Our Findings with the Bolansi Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

You can change the brightness of this light when it is in a sunrise or sunset simulation, but that stops the dimming or brightening process. While in a cycle, the light will stay at the specific brightness that was set for the remainder of the timer.

It will also work as a table lamp and offers users 10 different brightness settings that can be used. There is a warm-light mode that comes with this feature, making it possible to protect your eyes from a potentially painful light source when it is dark in the room.

The final output of this sunrise alarm is 65 lux. This makes it dimmer than many other models in this category, but it is still bright enough for a wake-up option. It may not be suitable as a therapy light for those who are dealing with a seasonal affective disorder, however, because of its lower light levels.

Our Grade for the Bolansi Wake Up Light Alarm Clock: B+

This is a solid product that serves as an entry-level sunrise alarm. We’d recommend it as an option for a child’s room or to test out this technology to see if you like it. There are enough features to make this product useful, but it isn’t going to blow you away with tons of premium options. It does a good job for what it says it will do and the FM radio is better than other alarms in this category, so it will meet specific needs for specific homes.

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