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When there’s a need for a therapy light, you’re often stuck with a product that is either too small or too large to meet your needs. It’s nice to have a bright light therapy lamp that can sit on your desk, but still be large enough to give you an even illumination at various angles. With the Beurer Daylight Lamp, you’ll receive a natural sunlight simulation with a light intensity of 10,000-lux in a very practical way.

What Are the Features of the Beurer Daylight Lamp?

Maybe the best feature of this bright light therapy lamp is the adjustable stand that comes with the product. Because this is an LED-based lamp, it is quite thin and portable, even if it is larger than most other portable products in this category. The stand that comes with it allows you to use this light either vertically or horizontally.

These features are also included with the Beurer Daylight Lamp.

  • It offers a simple power interface, allowing you to control the lamp with one button. It’s even green so you can avoid turning it on or off accidentally.
  • Because of the LED technologies that are included with this lamp, it has been rated as being flicker-free and UV-free, making it a solid therapeutic option for a seasonal affective disorder.
  • It comes with an AC adapter so it can be used with virtually any power source.

It is very lightweight, weighing just 1.2 pounds. The look and feel of this product is like having a tablet with you. The only difference is that instead of streaming a movie on it, you’ll be enjoying the therapeutic light that you may need.

Our Thoughts About the Beurer Daylight Lamp

Although the maximum rating for this daylight lamp is 10,000-lux, the ability to receive this rating is rather difficult. We found this light level was found at 5 inches or less. If you’re using 10 to 12 inches of space for your therapy, this unit provided just under 5,000-lux. At 24 inches, we got just over 2,000-lux. So you’ll want to pay close attention to where you place this lamp for your therapy.

We also found that the stand, though useful, could also be problematic. It is sensitive to surrounding vibrations, so if you’re typing at a computer and have this light on a stand next to you, it will fall over. We’d recommend sitting with this light while having breakfast or watching the news or a show for best results.

The light itself is consistent and bright. You don’t want to look directly into this unit during a therapy session whatsoever.

Our Grade for the Beurer Daylight Lamp: A-

Although this lamp struggles to produce a strong lux output at any sort of distance, it does provide users with an entry-level bright light therapy lamp that could be useful for countering a seasonal affective disorder. We found its portability was nice and can provide the needed boost to get you through a gray day, so it earns our recommendation.

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