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If you’re looking for a good therapy lamp, then it can be difficult to find one that offers a natural spectrum of light. Many are offered in a box shape as well, which makes it difficult to use when you’re busy with the tasks of your day. That’s why the Baltoro-Power Sunlight Desk Lamp is an option that is definitely worth considering.

With this lamp, you’ll be using 27 watts of energy, but producing the equivalent of 150 watts of light output. A simple rocker on/off switch at the base of the lamp allows you to control the light you receive.

Key Features of the Baltoro-Power Sunlight Desk Lamp

The primary feature we really appreciated about this sunlight desk lamp is the elbowdesign that has been built into the frame. This allows you to use this lamp as a reading lamp or a task lamp, positioning it into whatever position you need it to be.

You can also adjust the head of the lamp to face toward you, providing a light source that can be used as a therapy lamp if desired as well.

There are two other design options available as well: you can have a touch switch or a desk/floor lamp combination to meet your specific needs.

Here are the other features that you’ll want to consider with this desk lamp.

  • The light that is produced by this lamp is very white. It can be difficult to look directly into this lamp if you’re trying to use it as a therapy option.
  • There is a 2-year limited warranty that is included with this model, which is much better than the 30-day warranty that most products in this category tend to offer.
  • The spread of the light is consistent, giving you the extra light needed for whatever task you may need to complete.

Our Impressions of the Baltoro-Power Sunlight Desk Lamp

We liked the rocker-switch model over the other two that are available. There are fewer accidental switches that occur with the rocker compared to the touch-based model.

The quality of the light really matters when using this desk lamp. Some lights don’t seem to be as compatible as others, creating a flickering effect that can be very bothersome and potentially dangerous. We’d recommend using the light that comes with the lamp and replacing it exactly for best results.

Assembling the lamp is simple and takes just a few minutes. There isn’t much glare with the lamp when it is in a standard position, but you will definitely feel the light in your eyes if you stare directly at it for just a second or two.

Our Grade for the Baltoro-Power Sunlight Desk Lamp: A-

We like this lamp for its general-use abilities. Some people with a seasonal affective disorder will find it to be a beneficial product, but it is more of a standard desk lamp that provides a tremendously bright light in a limited area. It has a lot of potential for home and office use, which is why it receives our recommendation.

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